Prilled Potassium Nitrate

Prilled Potassium Nitrate 12-0-42 + 2MgO

Desert Energy Prilled Potassium Nitrate is a fully water soluble Prilled Fertilizer composed of the two major nutrients, Nitrogen and Potassium. Free flowing and dissolves quickly in water without any residues.

Nitrogen (N) is an essential element for all living things and the mineral element needed in the largest amounts by turfgrasses. Nitrogen is limited supply in soils and available to plants only after it has been converted to nitrate (NO 3- ) or ammonium (NH 4+) by microorganisms or industrial processes. In most cases, nitrogen fertilizer must be applied regularly to maintain high quality Turf. Desert Energy Potassium Nitrate Supply the readily available Nitrogen form for plant.

Potassium (K) Its essential nutrient for Turfgrass, involves in regulating several important physiological processes. Potassium activates plant enzymes used in protein, sugar, and starch synthesis. It also plays a key role in maintaining turgor pressure in plants. Thus, it has a strong influence on drought tolerance, cold hardiness, and disease resistance of turfgrasses. Deficiencies of potassium in turf may be expressed as increased susceptibility to drought, winter injury, and disease, Desert Energy Potassium Nitrate is the right source of potassium without risk of Sulphate or Chloride salt accumulation.

UOM: 25Kg Bag

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Prilled Potassium Nitrate