RootMax Humifull

Bio-Organic Fertilizer: For use in poor sandy soils where nutrients retention and root development are the major problems, by adding RootMax-Humifull to the soil, improves the soil structure and texture that facilitates the plant to grow healthier.

Bio-Organic Fertilizer: RootMax-Humifull contain the major components, known to enhance plant yields, promote cell division and encourage root development and propagation. It works with the plant’s own natural physiology to stimulate growth, vigor and health.

RootMax-Humifull help the plant to tolerate more stressful environmental conditions and promote healthier plant and root growth.

Environmental Friendly- As it is a natural product and contain Humic Acid which works as source of Carbon that feeding the beneficial microbes which provide the balance to the soil system. RootMax-Humifull won’t leave any harmful to the Environment and Plant.

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RootMax Humifull