Ocean Biofert

Bio Organic nutrient-rich fish fertilizer with active beneficial microbes.

Ocean Bio-Fert is a bio-organic liquid fertilizer suitable for pot plants, in the garden or at the farm. It’s a multi-purpose fertiliser suitable for all flowers, plants, lawns, trees, or farm crop types.

As it is an natural bio-organic product, having naturally occuring active Lactic acid bacteria, active fungi, active cellulose utilisers, active yeasts, active actinomycetes, and active photosynthetic bacteria that serves to enhance your soil’s ecosystem by replenishing the variety of microbiology that can be lost or destroyed through the use of herbicides, chemical fungicides and over tilling. Ocean Bio fert is nutrient-rich and completely natural. Serves as an excellent food source for probiotics and mycorrhizae, which help roots to absorb nutrients and water.


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Ocean Biofert