Clipless NT

120 gm\Ltr Trinexapac-Ethyl

Must only be used for growth control of turf on golf courses, sports fields and public recreational areas.

Clipless® NT must not be used on stressed turf. Turf areas may be stressed by too much or too little water, disease, pests, nutrient deficiency or the cold.

Clipless® NT may cause the turf to appear darker than without using a growth regulator.

Clipless® NT can also cause the turf to appear more yellow that without using a growth regulator. The yellow color will disappear approximately one week after treatment.

The long-term effect of Clipless® NT on species composition and potential thinning of grass has not been investigated. At the highest dose of 3.2 L/ha, a certain degree of thinning cannot be ruled out, but the grass will quickly grow again.

To avoid turf discoloration, Clipless® NT must be used at least 6 hours before cutting. You may also opt to mow the grass and then wait 24 hours before treating with Clipless®NT.

Clipless® NT must not be used on newly-laid turf. When the grass covers 80-90% of the surface, Clipless® NT can be used.


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Clipless NT