End Salt Stress on Turfs with TourTurf® TSF!


Turf health is a priority for any landscaper, sports groundskeeper, or gardener, especially as the new season begins. Soil salinity poses a significant challenge, affecting not just the quality of your turf but also the efficiency of your maintenance routines. To combat this issue, Desert Energy proudly presents TourTurf® TSF Turf Salt Flush, the ultimate solution to end salt stress on turfs.

What is TourTurf® TSF Turf Salt Flush?

TourTurf® TSF Turf Salt Flush is a specialized product designed to combat soil salinity, promoting healthier and more resilient turf. It effectively flushes out harmful salts, bicarbonates, and chlorides from the root zone, restoring soil health and ensuring vigorous turf growth.

Effective Flushing Agent

One of the standout features of TourTurf® TSF is its role as an effective flushing agent. It targets and removes salts, bicarbonates, and chlorides from the root zone, which are detrimental to turf health. By clearing these harmful substances, it revitalizes the soil and promotes healthier root development.

Nutrient Absorption and Water Use Efficiency

Salinity imbalances in soil can hinder water absorption, leading to stressed and unhealthy turf. TourTurf® TSF helps regulate salinity levels around the root zone, ensuring your turf can absorb water more efficiently. This balanced salinity is crucial for maintaining lush green turf, especially in areas prone to high salinity.

Sustained Calcium Availability

Calcium is vital for turf health, contributing to cell wall strength and overall plant vigor. TourTurf® TSF features a soluble form of calcium that remains available to the plant for up to 10 days. This sustained availability ensures your turf receives the necessary calcium for optimal growth and resilience.

Biostimulant Enhancement

TourTurf® TSF is enriched with amino acids and carbohydrates, which act as biostimulants. These components help the turf overcome weather-related stress, such as drought and heat, promoting resilience and robust growth. The biostimulant properties of TourTurf® TSF enhance the overall health and appearance of your turf.


Key Benefits of TourTurf® TSF Turf Salt Flush

How to Use TourTurf® TSF Turf Salt Flush

To achieve the best results, apply TourTurf® TSF according to the following guidelines:

Integrating TourTurf® TSF into Your Turf Management Program

Integrating TourTurf® TSF into your turf management program is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Assess Soil Salinity Levels: Determine the salinity levels in your soil to tailor the application.
  2. Apply TourTurf® TSF Regularly: Follow the recommended application schedule.
  3. Monitor Turf Health: Observe the improvements and adjust the application as needed.

Environmental Benefits of Using TourTurf® TSF

Using TourTurf® TSF promotes sustainable turf care practices by reducing dependency on chemical treatments. Its natural ingredients and effective flushing mechanism make it an eco-friendly choice for turf management.

Expert Tips for Optimal Turf Health

To maximize the benefits of TourTurf® TSF, consider these additional tips:


TourTurf® TSF Turf Salt Flush is the ultimate solution to end salt stress on your turf. With its effective flushing action, balanced salinity regulation, sustained calcium availability, and biostimulant enhancement, it ensures your turf remains healthy, resilient, and visually appealing. Integrate TourTurf® TSF into your turf management program today and experience the difference it makes. For more information and to get started, contact Desert Energy now.


Signs of turf salt stress include yellowing, stunted growth, and poor water absorption. If you notice these symptoms, it might be time to use TourTurf® TSF.

TourTurf® TSF works by flushing out harmful salts, bicarbonates, and chlorides from the root zone, thereby improving soil health and promoting vigorous turf growth.

For optimal results, apply TourTurf® TSF every 10-14 days during high salinity periods.

Yes, TourTurf® TSF is designed to be effective on all types of turf, making it a versatile solution for various turf management needs.

TourTurf® TSF is distributed by Desert Energy. Contact Desert Energy for more information and to make a purchase.